Public Diplomacy Classes

Classes that have been pre-approved in the Bulletin for the Public Diplomacy area of specialization.


SMPA 6275

Public Diplomacy


Recommended Core Course:


SMPA 6204

Strategic Political Communication


Recommended Elective Courses:


EDUC 6620

Strategies and Analysis in International Education


EDUC 6640

Selected Topics in International Education*


IAFF 6138

Special Topics in International Development Studies*


IAFF 6186

Special Topics in Security Policy Studies*


IAFF 6208

Special Topics in Global Communication*


PPPA 6018

Public Policy, Governance, and the Global Market


PPPA 6058

International Development NGO Management


PSC 6345

Comparative Foreign Policy


PSC 6351

Civil-Military Relations


PSC 6442

Politics and Practice of International Institutions


PSC 8334

Democracy and Democratization in Comparative Perspective


PUBH 6431

Global Health Communication Strategies and Skills


PUBH 6571

Social Marketing: Theory and Practice


SMPA 6205

Media, Development, and Globalization


SMPA 6270

Special Topics in Media and Public Affairs*


SMPA 6274

Media and War





IAFF 6898

Capstone Workshop



*Specific subject matter covered in special/selected topics courses varies by semester. Consult the Schedule of Classes for each semester’s offerings. Topics courses not listed here may be used to fulfill program requirements if approved by the Program Director