The Political Future of Catalonia and the Role of Public Diplomacy

In partnership with the Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia, IPDGC hosted two panel discussions at the Elliott School of International Affairs on the political future of Catalonia and the role of public diplomacy in today's international relations. 

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Watch the first panel:


Watch the second panel:

Program Order

Welcome remarks

  • Sean Aday, Director, Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication
  • Roger Albinyana, Secretary for Foreign and European Union Affairs, Government of Catalonia

Round Table I: The Political Future of Catalonia: Views from a Global Perspective

  • Francesc Vendrell, Adjunct Professor of International Relations, Johns Hopkins University; former UN Assistant Secretary-General
  • Marc Sanjaume, Visiting Professor of Nationalisms and Self-determination Processes, University of Québec in Montreal, Department of Political Science
  • Paul Williams, Rebecca I. Grazier Professor of Law and International Relations, American University; Founder, Public International Law and Policy Group

Round Table II: The Role of Public Diplomacy in Today's International Relations

  • Sean Aday, Associate Professor of Media and Public Affairs, George Washington University; Director, Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication
  • PJ Crowley, Fellow, Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication, George Washington University; former Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs
  • Albert Royo, Secretary General, Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia
  • Arturo Sarukhan, former Mexican ambassador to the U.S.; nonresident senior fellow, Foreign Policy and Metropolitan Policy Programs, Brookings Institute


About Diplocat

The Public Diplomacy Council of Catalonia (DIPLOCAT) is a public-private partnership designed to foster dialogue and build relationships between the citizens of Catalonia and the rest of the world. It seeks to contribute to discussions about the main global challenges by promoting the active involvement of Catalan society in the mutual exchange of ideas and best practices in key sectors like government, business, culture, and education, in order to promote a fairer, more peaceful, democratic and sustainable world.

The Council engages in public diplomacy with national and international audiences digitally and in person to create exchanges about Catalan issues as well as world affairs, organizing working visits, academic events, facilitating business networking, and by building capacity in international relations.