Well done, Laura Brendle - 2018 recipient of Walter Roberts Student Award

August 24, 2018

Laura Brendle






Each year, the Walter Roberts Endowment grants one student in the Global Communication M.A. program $1,500 for accomplishments in public diplomacy-related work and future career aspirations in the field of public diplomacy. This year, the Endowment is thrilled to award Laura Brendle as the recipient of the Walter Roberts Award for Public Diplomacy Studies! A second prize of $500 was awarded to Riker Pasterkiewicz


Laura’s plans post graduation is to continue her work in communications in the DC area. While at GW, Laura was the program assistant at IPDGC.  She previously worked in the United Kingdom as a freelance producer and production manager, where she produced a number of award-winning short films. Laura earned a BA in film production at the Arts University Bournemouth.


Laura and Riker join the distinguished group of Global Communication alumni who put into practice the teachings they received in public diplomacy while at GW and in their careers as public diplomacy professionals. Congratulations to the both of them – Raise High!