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Diplomacy’s Public Dimension: Books, Articles, Websites is one of the most comprehensive and extensive collections of resources on public diplomacy and related subjects on the web.  Compiled by IPDGC visiting scholar Bruce Gregory, this annotated bibliography of readings and other materials is intended for use by teachers, students, and diplomacy practitioners.  A new list is published on IPDGC’s website bimonthly. 
Gregory taught courses on public diplomacy, media, and global affairs as an adjunct professor in the Global Communication MA Program and at the Elliott School of International Affairs and School of Media and Public Affairs (2002-2017).  He is a former director of the Institute for Public Diplomacy (2005-2008) and a former member of the Walter Roberts Endowment board (2006-2018). 

Issue #96

Alison Baily, “Teaching for Peace: Education in Conflict and Recovery,” British Council, 2019.  This 25-page report by the British Council’s Alison Baily examines challenges facing international education providers, governments supporting international development,...

Issue #95

Katherine A. Brown, Your Country, Our War: The Press and Diplomacy in Afghanistan, (Oxford University Press, 2019).  In this excellent and engaging book, grounded in years of interviews with journalists and political actors in Afghanistan and the US, Katherine Brown...

Issue #94

Sarah Alaoui, “Tired Narratives, Weary Publics: Public Diplomacy’s Role in the Struggle for Influence in the Middle East,” October 2, 2018, Center for American Progress.  Alaoui (Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies, SAIS) examines the...

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An archive of  Diplomacy’s Public Dimension: Books, Articles, Websites (2002-present) is maintained at the George Washington University’s Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication.  Current issues are also posted by the University of Southern California’s Center on Public Diplomacy,the Public Diplomacy Council,  John Brown’s Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review, and