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2019 WR Annual Lecture: Robert Kagan

The Jungle Grows Back: America and Our Imperiled World

Dr. Robert Kagan, a noted historian, editorial writer, and think-tank analyst, was the Walter Roberts Annual Lecture speaker for 2019. Dr. Kagan spoke from topics in his latest book, The Jungle Grows Back, America and our Imperiled World; about America's global engagement and how isolationism will only create new security threats.  Dr. Kagan also emphasized the importance of global communication, now more than ever.  The audience had a range of questions about America, politics and foreign relations for our 2019 WRE annual lecture speaker.

The conversation was moderated by David Ensor, Director of the Project for Media and National Security.


The United States, in effect, interrupted large forces of history that were driving the world in a certain direction. Where they (the U.S.) were driving the world was where it was going in 1939, in 1940, in 1941. The United States interrupted that history; set history off on a different course… but those powerful forces of history are still there and are ready to come back if the United States stops playing that role - Robert Kagan, 2019 Walter Roberts Annual Lecture.

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