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Five GW students receive Walter Roberts Endowment grants for PD summer internships

The Walter Roberts Endowment (WRE) and the Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication (IPDGC) is pleased to announce that our $15,000 internship grant has been successfully awarded to five GW students - a sum of $3,000 per student - to support them in their Public Diplomacy internships over summer 2020.

Kevin Lynch and Victoria Makanjuola will be working with IPDGC on two projects: research to compile an annotated bibliography to be used by Public Diplomacy students and faculty; and a series of interviews for the Public Diplomacy Examined (PDx) podcast, recordings with PD academic experts and practitioners.

Other recipients of the grants are Halea Kerr-Layton who will be working on events at Global Ties US; Amy Liu who will be at the Canadian Embassy working on bilateral diplomacy through its media relations office; and Altynai Baibachaeva who will be at Meridian International Center doing work with the Global Connect division, bringing professionals around the globe to drive solutions for global challenges.

WRE and IPDGC wish our GW students well as they embark on their PD experiences this summer.

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